Special Cargo, Air Freight & Logistics

We offer specialized freight services that cater to high-risk cargo and special commodities. Our services encompass a wide range of items, including excess baggage, jewelry, precious metals, bullion, ores, and gems within the mining sector.

For your specific needs, we provide air charter services that have no weight limitations. This ensures that even heavy or oversized cargo can be transported efficiently and securely. Additionally, our hand carry/on-board courier services enable us to maintain direct contact with your shipment throughout its journey, ensuring enhanced security and real-time monitoring.

In addition to our specialized freight services, we also provide haulage services, catering to the transportation needs of various industries. Our expertise extends to the oil and gas sector, where we offer logistics solutions tailored to the unique requirements of drilling equipment transportation and other related services.

At National Transportation Logistics, we understand that each freight requirement is unique, and we are dedicated to providing value-added services that cater to your domestic or international freight needs. We strive to deliver reliable and efficient solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and security.

Whether you require transportation for high-risk cargo, specialized commodities, or any other freight services, we are here to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team and comprehensive logistics network enable us to handle complex and challenging shipments, ensuring the successful delivery of your goods.