Parking & Crating

Choosing the correct packaging material is of utmost importance to ensure the safe transport of shipments. It is crucial that the cargo is properly packed using appropriate packaging materials, as this helps protect it from potential hazards during transit.

The packaging should be designed to withstand the specific dynamics of the chosen mode of transport and the environmental conditions it will encounter. It is recommended to have discussions with your supplier regarding packaging requirements to ensure that all items are adequately wrapped, taped, boxed, or crated.

Freight forwarders typically have strict guidelines and standards for packaging acceptance. Loose or unwrapped items pose a risk of loss or damage during transit, and as such, they are generally not accepted by freight forwarders.

By paying careful attention to packaging and collaborating with your supplier, you can help ensure that your cargo is well-protected throughout its journey. Properly packaged shipments are more likely to arrive at their destination in optimal condition, minimizing the risk of any unfortunate incidents during transit.